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Sources d'inspiration

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Bibliographie (officielle)
- Forgotten Realms by E. Greenwood
- Grand History of the Realms by B.R. James and E. Greenwood
- The Sunless Citadel by B.R. Cordell
- The Red Hand of Doom by J. Jacobs and R. Baker
- Anauroch: The Empire of Shade by G.A. Vaughan et al.
- The Shadow Stone by R. Baker
- Hoard of the Dragon Queen by Wolfgang Baur et al.
- The Rise of Tiamat by Steve Winter and Alexander Winter
- Lost Empires of Faerun by R. Baker et al.
- Shining South by T.M. Reid
- Unapproachable East by R. Baker et al.
- Netheril: Empire of Magic by slade with J. Butler
- Manual of the Planes by J. Grubb et al.
- Lords of Darkness by J. Carl et al.
- Champions of Ruin, by J. Crook et al.
- Cult of the Dragon by D. Donovan
- Chronomancy: The Power of Time by R. Duke

Autres références bibliographiques
- A Song of Ice and Fire by G.R.R. Martin (le maître !)
- The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien (le père !)
- Dragonlance by T. Hickman and M. Weis
- The Swords series by F. Leiber
- The Belgariad by D. Eddings
- The Malloreon by D. Eddings
- The Deryni cycle by K. Kurtz
- Conan the Barbarian by R.E. Howard

Filmographie (non-exhaustive)
- Série tv Game of Thrones by HBO
- Film trilogy The Lord of the Rings by P. Jackson
- Film trilogy The Hobbit by P. Jackson
- Film Le Nom de la Rose de J.-J. Annaud
- Film Warcraft: The Beginning by Duncan Jones
- Film Reign of Fire by Rob Bowman
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