Chroniques de Féérune : la Quête des Origines

Les Vaux en 1368 DR

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Les Vaux en 1368 DR

Message  le moine noir le Mar 5 Aoû - 16:36

Two serious attempts have been made to unify the Dales. The first was under the legendary Aencar the Mantled King, who sought to forge the Dales into one realm but was slain in 1044 DR. His dream died with him. The second would-be unifier rose and fell in 1356 DR. Lord Lashan of Scardale overran Battledale, Featherdale and Harrowdale, proclaiming his intention of conquering all the Dales. Lashan vanished after his defeat in the great battles in Mistledale and Shadowdale; but his legacy initiated a string of bad luck that has plagued Scardale to this day.
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