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Les ruines de l'antique cité d'Oreme

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Les ruines de l'antique cité d'Oreme

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The sarrukh empire of Isstosseffifil is all but gone. Its ancient secrets were destroyed by the phaerimms and the folly of the Isstossef (as the inhabitants were known), scattered by the Netherese, and buried by the drifting sands of Anauroch. In its heyday, the Land of the Lost Sea ran along the eastern shores of the old Narrow Sea, encompassing the fertile lands that stretched from what is now the Saiyaddar to the High Ice and from the water's edge to the Plain of Standing Stones. Today, all that remains of this once-great empire is the buried city of Oreme.

The Frozen Sea : During the Days of Thunder, the old Narrow Sea ran like a sword along the eastern flanks of the Greypeak Mountains, stretching from the future site of the dwarven seaport Ascore to the city of Oreme, but the sea was never more than 100 miles in width. After the Isstossef reshaped the land in their war with the phaerimms, the Narrow Sea flowed from west to east, stretching from what would become Ascore to the Tortured Lands. After countless millennia, little evidence remains of the terrain-shaping magic employed by the sarrukh. The icy dunes of the Frozen Sea on the western border of Anauroch - the result of rainfall that runs down the eastern slopes of the Greypeaks and freezes - give mute evidence of ihe anqient sea that once lay here. Today, the Frozen Sea is a breeding ground for many birds in the spring, but it is otherwise almost empty of inhabitants. Only those foolish enough to search out the lost cities of Anarath, Ascore (seaport of dwarven Delzoun), Bhaulaea, Hlaungadath (a crashed Netherese floating city), and Oreme ever come here.

Oreme : The ruined City of White Towers lies some 200 miles east of the Weathercote Wood, on the edge of the empty sands of the Frozen Sea. Once a city of artisans ruled by sarrukh wizards and sorcerers, Oreme was largely abandoned during the fall of Isstosseffifil. In the bowels of the city, however, the few dozen sarrukh who chose to remain behind transformed themselves into liches and have clung ever since to the remnants of their empire, Tuling the asabis who stayed behind to guard them. The rest of the asahi population from that era fled into the Underdark, only to be enslaved by the phaerimms. The ruins of Oreme remained unknown to the surface world for more than 30,000 years after the city's towers had been buried in debris from the dustbowl that had once been the Narrow Sea. But once the phaerimms returned to the upper Underdark of the Buried Realms and began to plague the Netherese, they quickly discovered the remnants of their ancient foes. The liches of Oreme were forced to withdraw even farther behind their magical wards, conceding all but the city's catacombs and a few surrounding caverns to the minions of the phaerimms.

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