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Les escaliers infinis (infinite staircase)

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Les escaliers infinis (infinite staircase)

Message  le moine noir le Dim 17 Fév - 21:55

The Infinite Staircase has a beachhead of sorts in the Gates of the Moon (Selune's Realm), but it continues into infinity; hence the name. Think of it as a "place between places", much like the Astral. The backstage of the multiverse, where they keep all the spare doors. Smiling I like to think of it as the "maintenance floor" of the portal system.

The other planar pathways exist on planes but also traverse them. Mount Olympus reaches from the heights of Arborea to the depths of Hades (and Tartarus, technically). The Infinite Staircase is a sort of limbo dimension, and so is not physically present on any plane but does traverse all of them. It can be reached via portals, of course.

The staircase is almost a plane unto itself, with each of the doors at its landings leading to other planes across the planes. Perhaps it was created by some long forgotten race, some now dead or vanished god, perhaps the unknown species that littered the planes of Pelion/Mithardir with nameless ruins and artifacts of obscene power. Perhaps the stair isn't finished, but is still and forever being built.
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