Chroniques de Féérune : la Quête des Origines

Notes récupérées dans Synod dans les affaires du Shade ...

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Notes récupérées dans Synod dans les affaires du Shade ...

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Il semble qu'il s'agisse de morceaux du Journal d'Augathra ...
Ecrits en Netherese et qqe peu crypté, il faut une demi-journée d'étude pour obtenir les fragments suivants.

• Augathra the Mad and, later, Alaundo the Seer composed
their Roll of Years, building upon the works of previous
• As Augathra received her visions during the day and interpreted
them using these older divinations to compose her
prophecies for the Roll of Years, at night in her sleep she
likewise received unwelcome visions from some unknown
source. These nocturnal prophecies, woven between the
years, formed the Black Chronology, prophecies of dark
secrets and hidden knowledge that she penned into a work
called the Book of the Black.
• The secrets of the Black Chronology drove Augathra to
madness and cursed her to a seemingly eternal existence.
Augathra hypothesized that these secrets and this curse
were the work of the primordial deity of the night, Shar.
She believed that Shar revealed this Black Chronology in
hopes of bringing about the destruction of the Weave and
the goddess Mystryl. It hints at the involvement of an
archwizard named Karsus.
• After many failed suicide attempts over the centuries, Augathra
resolved to become one of the sharns in an attempt to
remove Shar’s curse over her. A secondary note in the margin
of this section mentions that if this plan proves impossible,
she will seek out and consult one of the diviners whose work
she used in her Roll of Years. She refers to him as a Netherese
archwizard called the Terraseer, and the writing hints that
he actually predates Netheril by thousands of years.
• Augathra’s final note states that she has a strange foreboding
about the outcome of the sharn transformation she is
about to attempt, and her writings end with the statement
“Terraseer still lives, according to the Sight. Seek him for

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