Chroniques de Féérune : la Quête des Origines

Visions envoyées lors du périple à Synod ...

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Visions envoyées lors du périple à Synod ...

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Vision 1 : Your view of the dusty tunnel is suddenly replaced by a dark sea. You stand upon its shores and look out over black waters whipped by the wind. The sky overhead is as dark as night, though you can see the sun—a sun that seems to be eclipsed by the invisible jaws of some great beast even as you watch, throwing your view into even deeper darkness. Suddenly one single ray of light breaks free from this all-consuming shadow and shines in a brilliant shaft on something at the edge of the darkening sea. It is a young tree, tall and straight, its slim trunk sheathed in smooth, silvery bark—a beech tree, perhaps. From its limbs grow golden leaves that almost seem to give off a light of their own. As you watch this tree, you see that its leaves are slowly undergoing a metamorphosis. One by one they shrivel into dark, spidery shells of themselves, blackening and curling before falling to the ground. There you can see that they take the form of strips of parchment or linen, seemingly charred but revealing glowing writing in symbols of power. Shadowy forms collect these Fallen leaves and seem to be piecing them together. The scene disappears in a fl ash, replaced by the image of a spider with an armored carapace of gold moving toward you. Then you stand once again on the dusty stone stair.

Vision 2 : The glowing orb flashes once, and now a new form is visible in its depths, a black teardrop-shaped creature with three smooth, eyeless heads. Two massive arm-trunks fl are from the sides of its body, and another one sprouts from its back. Each arm-trunk supports three smaller arms equipped with clawed, three-fi ngered hands. Each of the nine small hands has multiple small eyes covering it. The central head seems to glare at you with an eyeless stare, its toothy maw curled in a snarl of defeat. Then, in the blink of an eye, the heads seem to shift—the snarling head is relegated to a secondary position, and a different one assumes the central, dominant position. This new head speaks in a feminine voice, saying, “This Dark Diviner knows why you have come. You work against the will of Shar. You will find no help here.”

Vision 3 : Once again reality is ripped apart, depositing you at another place and time. The golden beech tree you saw earlier stands alone beneath a turbulent purple sky, a continuous layer of clouds Rolling past punctuated here and there by fl ashes of lightning. Shadowy humanoids, similar to those you just faced, stand in a ring nearby, enacting some ritual. The blackened leaves of the tree that had fallen in your previous vision have now been stitched together into a series of ashen scrolls that serve as the focal point of this ritual. Power throbs from the harsh words spoken by the master of this ceremony. With the utterance of the master’s last syllable, a pulse is felt, like the pressure of deep water popping your ears. A silvery image appears in the air, depicting a circle of seven stars with red mist flowing from their center. This circle is ripped asunder and replaced by a black disk with a purple border. The light flickers and is replaced almost immediately by a shadowy illumination that distorts colors and places everything under a dark pall.

Vision 4 : The flashing chaos of a fouth vision comes over you. You see the golden beech tree once again, though this time still with its shining leaves upon its branches in the early stages of their shriveling decline. But now you see a jewel-encrusted chalice of alabaster floating beside the tree. It tips and pours a golden liquid on the roots of the tree. At the touch of the liquid, the tree bursts into a column of purifying fl ame and in moments is reduced to a fine ash along with those shriveled, scroll-like leaves that had already fallen. This ash disperses in the breeze as shadowy creatures looking on howl in rage and frustration. There is a flicker, and a shadowy wall you had not noticed before disappears, leaving the scene brighter and with truer colors than were displayed in it a moment before. The images begin to swirl in a flashing display that sharpens to again show a golden spider, then reveals the image of a wizened, hollow-eyed humanoid with stringy white hair. Finally the colors swirl once more before forming an image of the alabaster goblet, a solar disk prominently displayed. It is this floating afterimage that remains in your sight as the vision fades. A cracked voice whispers in your ears: “Let my final words guide you.”

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